AV Films - Wedding Video Production

AV Films is DHP’s department that specializes in producing memories of your special day at the altar.  By capturing the moment and producing a professional DVD of your wedding, you can rest assured that the special day will be able to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Afterglow completely handles all facets of memorializing your wedding. From lighting to music to DVD authoring we let you concentrate on other things while we concentrate on what we are great at.

We will work closely with you to outline exactly how you would like this memorable event remembered.  By knowing exactly what you want as a finished product, we will be able to choreograph quietly in the backgrounds to get the special shots that we need. After all, on a day like your wedding, there are NO reshoots.

Trust DHP’s AfterGlow department to capture the beauty and essence of your special day!

Call 864-314-4567 to speak to our professional wedding coordinator.

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