Dead Horse Productions, LLC started in 2006 and is a full-service film and video production company. In addition to television shows, we produce commercials, music videos, short films, and custom projects. DHP has an award winning, talented base of creative artists able to take an idea from conception to final product. We provide still photography and design services, and we now transfer old film reels and VHS tapes onto DVDs.  Along with “Current Buzz” the City of Anderson’s  channel 14 current event series, we are known for the Greenville-based TV show “What’s Your Story?”, the Anderson-based historical documentary “Trading Church Street: Pride, Prejudice, A Parking Lot”, and we are working on the full length feature film “Unbridled Justice: The Legend of Manse Jolly”. Dead Horse Productions will be releasing the documentary short “This Place Matters”, about slave cabins in Anderson, in February 2011.

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